Native English Public Speaking


What is more important: academic qualifications or performance?

Have you noticed that people without many academic qualifications are getting better positions with the help of their performance? And on the contrary, have you noticed helpless academically qualified people who fail miserably to perform?

Now, think about People who are good with qualifications and performance or people who enjoy all the privileges using their performance alone. How successful they can be?

NEPS is for improving performance. NEPS is a public speaking course in English. NEPS trains you to speak confidently in English like native English speakers.

You might be a Manager, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Salesperson, or anybody who wants to grow your career. Communication skill is important for everybody. When we communicate with others, they might be hearing but that doesn't mean that they are listening. To make them listen to our words, we have to attract their attention with beauty and authority. NEPS will enable a person to communicate confidently with eloquence and authority.

This course has got five stages and is conducted through Zoom and WhatsApp. On every alternative day, you will have two hours' live training on Zoom with experts. Every other alternative day you are encouraged to practice the instructions given through WhatsApp with other participants in the group.

1st Stage

- Ice Breaking

  • 3 Days 6 Hours
  • Preparing our mind for taking new challenges
  • Language : English and Malayalam
  • Trainer: OH Rahman
  • 2nd Stage

    - Create Your English Brain

  • 3 Days 6 Hours
  • Language: English
  • While practicing to speak in English we often think in our native language and speak through English. This sabotages our progress in English fluency. We correct this behavior through this stage.
  • Trainers: Malanie (UK), Aktham, Amal, Lamya
  • 3rd Stage

    - Native English Speaker

  • 7 Days 14 Hours
  • Language: English
  • We increase the fluency in English through this stage, we talk with different subjects in English.
  • Trainer: Hashim
  • 4th Stage

    - Getting Deeper

  • 7 Days 14 Hours
  • We correct our limitations and practice thoroughly for English fluency.
  • Trainer: Aktham
  • 5th Stage

    - Native English Public Speaker

  • 7 Days 14 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Here we start full fledged Native English Public Speaking
  • Trainers: Malanie (UK), Hashim
  • Once we complete this course we reach the confidence of speaking English fluently and confidently. We do Native English Public Speaking.