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Serious mistake while creating a website with a designer - Marketing Tip from O.H. Rahman

Serious mistake while creating a website with a designer - Marketing Tip from O.H. Rahman

Big mistake we do while creating a website with a designer or a web design company.  Tips from Online Business Marketing Expert O.H. Rahman, Dubai /Abu Dhabi / Sharjah, UAE.  For more tips visit his blog :  www.ohrahman.com.

We tend to do big mistakes, irrecoverable mistakes while creating the website.  Our mindset is to go for the cheaper options; we never consider troubles on doing so.  Here the market is full of web design companies.  There are many freelancers and there are many one man companies too in the run.  Due to the heavy competition they slice the price to the lowest and even to the level of their extinction.  On our search for a cheaper option we get a company or individual to do our website very cheap.  They complete our website and the website goes live, we and all our employees start using emails with the domain.  Later we advertise our website to all our customers, print our visiting cards with the domain emails and even get these printed on all other stationery as well.  Our website gets registered in google and start to produce results.  After one year when we need to renew the website the designer seems unavailable as that company gets closed down.  And thus we lay helpless, not being able to renew the domain name or the website.  The main problem in this situation is that, our emails stops working and our all business get affected and we are in big trouble.
To avoid this trouble
1.  Always work with an established company.  See how long they are in the industry, how many customers they have got.
2.  In case you work with new companies or individuals, take the control of the domain.  Take the website address, domain user id and password.   I advise instead of making them register your domain, do it by yourself.  It is very easy.  You can register the domain by yourself if you have a credit card. You can register it from many reputable websites like www.godaddy.com or enom.com or networksolutions.com or register.com.   it costs only 10 to 20 US$ per year. 
3.  Take the copy of the website in a CD or if your website is dynamic, that mean if you adding contents to the website regularly then, take the ftp user id and password and also the database link user id and password or the control panel.
This is very important as I have met and helped out a lot of business who were in trouble.   I feel great to have got this opportunity to share my knowledge based upon my 10 years experience in this field.



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