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It is time to make your website responsive otherwise you lose 50% of the visitors

It is time to make your website responsive otherwise you lose 50% of the visitors

Is your website is responsive?

No??. it's time to make it responsive.  Otherwise you are missing 35% of your websites visitors, and you are going to lose more than 50% very soon.   Statistics shows that more than 35% of websites are getting browsed using mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers.  And it is going to be more than 50% very soon as phones are getting smarter and internet is getting faster.  If your website is not responsive then, it will not show correctly on these devices.

Responsive websites changes its shape according to the devices it browsed.  If you are browsing responsive website using a mobile device like iphones or android phones then,  it will look like and perform like a mobile application. 

Now, making your website responsive is a must, to make sure you are getting all your potential visitors to your website.  Further, google gives higher ranking to responsive websites while searches made from mobile devices.

You can see how your website is looking like in mobile devices using simulator websites like www.responsivedesignsimulator.com.  To understand the clear difference, try to see your website and the website www.gulfitinnovations.com through this simulator website.
Here I can give a demo.

It is easy to make your website responsive.  And we can make your website responsive and improve its productivity.  For our service please call us on 050  6989487 or send an email at info@gulfitinnovations.com



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